Hey love show us your old hairy gash

Housewife and MILF Kim decide to play dress up for the night. She stands in front of her door with a very revealing see through black fishnet dress. The tight fitting skirt accentuates her thick frame. Her extra large breasts are popping out of the purple bustier. She is very comfortable with her shape and gets turned on knowing that her titties are exposed for her friend to see. She has on her stilettos and no panties! Kim tries to call a friend over to play with her but eventually decides to have a one person party. She pulls her dress down so that her breasts can breathe. Rubbing them and squeezing them together turns on her pussy faucet. Kim leans back on her couch and spreads her legs. Her fingers meet her wet clit and she starts to finger herself. Slowly at first then faster by the minute grinding her hips in order to feel the full effect of her pleasuring herself. Her head rolls back as she sends herself into a lovely ecstasy. Slippery fingers go in and out of both holes. The sound of her pussy gets her hot and heavy.

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