Sexy British wives filmed shagging at a local swingers party

This time, Kim has brought in two other lucky people who get to feel the intensity of her loving skills. She decides to tie up this MILF who has her big tits pulled out and groped while she is strapped to the chair and she has no control over what is going to happen to her body. Whatever is waiting around the corner for this big tit blonde MILF is something that is going to make her scream and squirm with pleasure. It is sure to leave a big dripping wet spot on the chair where she was tied! And if being tied up and fondled and licked by Kim and her gentlemen isn’t enough she has to watch as they move to the bed and fuck and lick on each other right in front of them. She is tied to a chair and is forced to watch as these two are thrown into the arms of ecstasy right there on the bed. The worst part is no matter how much she moans and groans to feel the warm touch of either of them Kim is going to decide when she goes free and no one else

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